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A Moment Later... by trueloveiseternal A Moment Later... :icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 0 0 Dem Glasses by trueloveiseternal Dem Glasses :icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 7 2 Markiclayer by trueloveiseternal Markiclayer :icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 6 2 A duck in GameStop by trueloveiseternal A duck in GameStop :icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 17 8
On the Stand
Sometimes I stop caring
though everyone is staring
Despite all my preparing
my thoughts get blown away.
A moment's hesitation
an hour's contemplation
This cross-examination
is the price I have to pay.
A minute of reprieve
not long enough to grieve
They tell me now to leave
with the lessons I have learned.
Deny these accusations
these thieving implications
I have no explanations;
this shame I've rightly earned.
:icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 2 0
The Prosecution by trueloveiseternal The Prosecution :icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 2 5 Wikipedian Protester Desktop by trueloveiseternal Wikipedian Protester Desktop :icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 0 2
Happy Anniversary
25 years...
"I lost my watch."
"Pray to St. Anthony so he'll help you find it."
"Yeah, because I prayed to the motorcycle saint and now I'm getting a motorcycle."
Long time to be stuck with one another...
"I think we should just make this whole backyard into one big pond. Then I'd never have to cut the grass again."
"What if our grandchildren visit us here someday, and they want to play football in the backyard?"
"Well, they can play boat-ball in the pond."
*rolls eyes* "You're so full of shit."
They really are an odd pair...
"Where are you going?"
"Fishing. I bet I'll catch 100 fish before breakfast."
"I'm making breakfast now!"
"Then I'll catch 50 fish before breakfast."
*she keeps talking, he picks up the TV remote and points it at her, pressing the "off" button*
It's not all bad...
*laughing on the phone* "I'm sorry Kim, could you repeat that? My husband was trying to be passionate with me against the washing machine."
"Best room in the house!"
They do have their own unique way of
:icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 1 1
Okami desktop by trueloveiseternal Okami desktop :icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 1 4 3,000 pageviews by trueloveiseternal 3,000 pageviews :icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 0 7
Triad of My Inner Thoughts
The day has been too long
and yet I wish I had more time
To grieve for my beloved dead
and mourn those still alive.
The hours pass so cruelly
too slow throughout the night
I wait in growing anguish
for the dawning of the light.
I live in perfect stasis
within my world of dreams
where nothing is an absolute
and all is in extremes.
I cling to expectations
in love with an ideal
Everything I crave is mine
and none of it is real.
All is never quite enough
so nothing will suffice
for momentary happiness
I gladly pay the price.
The emptiness completes me
but I will not be whole
until the chaos of my mind
consumes my very soul.
:icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 3 5
       a dream
   now made real
    embodied in
 the quiet whispers
of lovers in the dark.
:icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 3 2
Living in Dreams
Lately it seems I live in two worlds
One of dreams, the other reality.
One has you by my side, day and night
The other is making me wait.
I dream of you in faded gray
so close and yet so far away

The days go by, as do the nights
slowly bringing me closer to you
But not fast enough,
as I'm sure you'd agree.
The moonlight dances in your eyes
like incandescent fireflies

Yearning for your touch
Longing for your embrace
I wait with guarded anticipation
for the day when both are mine.
Such joy and pleasure do we find
when joined in body, soul, and mind

We paint time on feathered wings,
hoping that it may be inspired to take flight
bringing the day of our meeting ever nearer to reality.
Our efforts are in vain, as we well know
Yet anything to more quickly close this distance between us
is certainly worth trying.
Sweet nothings dance on fingertips
as we've found better use for lips

Until then, I will keep waiting
since time refuses to move any faster.
At times I fee
:icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 3 3
I'm in love with you
but you don't belong to me.
What am I to do?
:icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 0 9
How familiar is
The feeling of being trapped in chains
Do you know it well?
I feel it every day
The weight of them crushing down upon me
Bearing deeper and deeper into my very soul
Some days I just can't take it
My heart threatens to burst
from the pressure of these chains
The pain is so intense
I scream and bleed and the tears flow like rain
Yet no one sees or hears me
There are times when I
would welcome Death with open arms
but I always resist.
I must be strong
One day I will overcome
and escape these cursed chains.
:icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 4 18
Lizard in a tree by trueloveiseternal Lizard in a tree :icontrueloveiseternal:trueloveiseternal 1 2

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by techgnotic

orld War I (1914-1918) was a human catastrophe
that devastated Western civilization and mocked the hope inherent in “modernism”. The sheer volume of the war’s slaughter was beyond belief. The horror of it all destroyed the trust in science, medicine and technology as the golden gateway to a harmonious and peaceful future for humanity. All that was thought to be good had been twisted to the evil purpose of a global war. A global sense of hopefulness was replaced with a global sense of fear and loathing.

untitled 14
by Peterio

Salvador Dali autosodomized
by neofotistou

:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 1,748 562
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Markiplier's Halloween Carol
On the first Night of Halloween Markiplier gave to me...
A slendy page He took from a Tree
On the Second night of Halloween Markiplier gave to me...
2 Holy Balls! And A slendy page He took from a tree

On the Third night of Halloween Markiplier gave to me...

3 rapid POOFS - 2 Holy Balls - And a Slendy page he took from a tree

On the Fourth night of Halloween Markiplier gave to me...
4 Lil Piggies - 3 Rapid Poofs - 2 Holy Balls - And a Slendy page he took from a Tree

On the Fifth Night of Halloween Markiplier gave to me...
FIVE HORROR COMPILATIONS!! - 4 Lil Piggies - 3 Rapid POOFS - 2 Holy Balls
 - And a Slendy Page He took from a tree

On the Sixth Night of Hallow
:iconmntdewmania:Mntdewmania 167 35
Cry Stickers and Magnets
CrystallineColey set up an Etsy shop and is selling some Cry stickers and magnets!
Each stick pack will contain 10 different stickers, same for the magnet packs. All stickers and magnets are digitally drawn, printed on sticker/magnet paper, sprayed with a protective clear glossy sealant, and then hand cut.
Sticker Pack: $5
Magnet Pack: $10

via USPS

Etsy's Direct Checkout

If interested please visit CrystallineColey's journal -->
:iconcryplayfan:CryPlayFan 7 1
: Cry Stamp yee : by Fluffuu : Cry Stamp yee : :iconfluffuu:Fluffuu 146 19 Light bulb by Wgirly Light bulb :iconwgirly:Wgirly 371 18 Outside the room by Blaze-Bernatt Outside the room :iconblaze-bernatt:Blaze-Bernatt 418 61
The Slenderman Survival Guide
The Slenderman Survival Guide:
With the popularity of Marble Hornets, the Slenderman, originally the product of a thread on SomethingAwful, has become an internet legend, and is responsible for scaring the shit out of many a curious viewer who made the foolish decision to watch the end of entry 26 at 3:00 in the morning. Now, Slenderman is a fictional character, but if he was real he would pose a serious problem to anyone who has watched these videos. Slenderman is a lot like the first rule of Fight Club. You do not talk about Slenderman, or try to find out information about Slenderman. If you do, he will get closer and closer to you until he finally kills you. This takes months, and is a long and terrifying process. From watching the various series about Slenderman, I have put together a seven step plan that may save your life if Slenderman turns out to be real and begins to stalk you. Follow these steps, and you may just survive with your sanity intact.
I do not know if these will wo
:iconadayofnights92:adayofnights92 853 617



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